Flagshipstore for Ed Kriek Optiek

februari 21, 2011

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Last Friday Dutch optician Ed Kriek opened his third Ed Kriek Optiek store at Nieuw-Vennep. This new store might easily be called the flagshipstore of the group. The store is 300 m2 and looks very open and inviting. Thanks to a smart interior design with industrial elements combined with leather and wood, the store breathes a warm and welcome atmosphere. Eyecatchers like a large black leather sofa to sit and advice, the bar with prosecco’s and two large chairs on a Persian tapestry, the coffee machine and the projection of famous spectacle wearers on the wall, give the store a cosmopolitan look without frightening the local clients from the village. This store is a premium for Nieuw-Vennep which was proven by the sales in the first two days. But at the same time with this kind of stores the Dutch independent opticians prove to be alive and kicking!

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