Fielmann is the H&M of the optical industry

augustus 25, 2014

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Last year again Fielmann proves it understands like no one else what many consumers want. Shopping in a nice environment and buying frames at reasonable prices. The strategy is still extremely successful. Fielmann has 680 stores. In Germany these stores sell an average of 35 glasses each day resulting in an average turnover per store of 1,8 million euro. In Switzerland and Austria these figures are even more impressive with respectively 5 and 2,6 million euro average sales per store. In 2013 Fielmann sold 7,3 million pair of glasses. Marketshare in units in Germany is 51%, in turnover it is 20%. Net profit in 2013 totalled 142 million euro compared to 129,7 million in 2012. Fielmann isn’t ready yet. It wants to open another 150 to 170 stores in Germany in the next 3 to 5 years including a few superstores like the recently opened one at the Schildergasse at Cologne. This store has six floors, 835 m2 and 70 employees. In other countries as well Fielmann still sees lots of opportunities.

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