Eyelove at DA drugstores gets competition

april 6, 2012

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Eyelove introduced the idea of purchasing glasses with an existing receipt or with the same lenses as the previous frame and opened eyewear corners at the DA drugstores in the Netherlands. As of yesterday people in the Dutch city Amersfoort can buy the same way at M’Eye Choice. Frames with single vision lenses costs 59 euro. For a frame with multifocal lenses you pay 129 euro. The website is loud and clear about the argumentation. When you are young and you want to buy eyewear like fashion you don’t want all the fuss of an eye examination or the boring and time consuming advices about lenses. And you hate that you never know what you will have to pay in the end. For those who want to buy eyewear like fashion one eye examination every few years is more as enough. And probably it is true, so why not? M’Eye Choice plans to open more shops. Besides prescription eyewear they offer sunglasses and other accessories. Interesting concept. Let’s see if it works!

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