Essilor starts to educate opticians

januari 19, 2012

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Essilor is the engine behind and participates itself actively in a new Dutch education program for opticians. This new education will start in September of this year and will be organized by a special department of the ROC at Eindhoven. The new thing is that the pupils will not only get the usual technical lessons to develop their skills as opticians but also a range of lessons to develop their skills as businessmen and women. Management, marketing, selling techniques and economy are some of the topics which will get attention. After two years these young opticians will not only get their “opticians” certificate but also a “businessman” certificate. Less logical are the lessons which should learn opticians to advice their clients about make-up, fashion and styling. Those advices should probably be left to real specialists although some knowledge of these kind of things is always good for opticians. Essilor beliefs that the optical industry needs this new kind of education and likes to put efforts in the development of the entrepreneurial skills of young opticians. The company also beliefs that this new education will make the branch more interesting for young people.

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