Essilor introduces UNEYETED and Varilux S

oktober 3, 2012

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The new Varilux S lens by Essilor eliminates the dilemma of multifocal lenses until now. Do we prefer a wide vision with distortion or a less wide vision with less distortion? With the new Varilux S series the consumer experiences a wider view without distortion. Essilor considers it a major breakthrough and probably the most important one since the introduction of the Varilux lenses in 1959. In addition to this important news, Ron de Bruijn launched a new name for the existing Alliance program of the lens manufacturer: UNEYETED. The new name symbolizes the power of the cooperation between supplier and opticians. Opticians participating in UNEYETED can use the platform to join new initiatives like the e-learning program with the exciting name “The Hunt for Unlimited Vision”. We are already curious who is going to win this game! Vision-Today keeps you posted.

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