Eschenbach with Titanflex at Dutch television

juni 27, 2012

Post image for Eschenbach with Titanflex at Dutch television

After Essilor and Polaroid, Eschenbach as well decided to support its sales with a major television campaign. The company profiles its Titanflex collection as “the eyewear for men”. Quite logical the campaign is meant to reach this target group. As from July 1st until November 11, the daily news at business channel RTL(Z) will be sponsored by Eschenbach. Before and after the show people will see that the show has been made possible by Titanflex, the eyewear for men. The news is broadcasted twice a day, Eschenbach will sponsor 89 working days, in average the show attracts 51.000 people and the campaign will create a total of 3,5 million contacts. Most of them wealthy and well-educated men. As an extra the company will also sponsor the “clock” in the first two weeks of October, actually Vision Month in the Netherlands. All in all, business men can’t miss it this Summer and Autumn..Titanflex, the eyewear for men.

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