Dutch SBS Shownieuws shows (sun)glasses trends

november 5, 2012

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Last week on Monday Dutch daily news and gossip show SBS Shownieuws filmed at the Club BRILLANT Inspiration Day. On Thursday anchorwoman Bridget Maasland and styling expert Leco van Zadelhoff discussed the trends at the desk. Rounder shapes, more color, special materials and luxury editions were all mentioned. The conclusion was clear: (sun)glasses are definitely important fashion accessories and the stores can show it all. This short movie shows what the team filmed in Amsterdam. Do you want to see what the experts said and how cool the purple butterfly frame of Italia Independent matched with Bridget’s dress? Just have a look at the complete item in the late show of November 1st. It all starts at 8 minutes and 27 seconds. Good to know that the show attracted a record amount of 800.000 people watching it.

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