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september 16, 2011

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This weekend the Dutch optical branch once again draws attention on television. Tonight a show called “De Rekenkamer” pays attention to what an average frame, contactlenses or lenses should cost. As if we still live in a world in which we buy nothing but functional stuff at the lowest price. And as if there are no differences in craftsmanship, design, brand awareness and product quality. Anyway, for those who like this kind of sensation television, it could be the alternative for the finals of Holland’s Got Talent at the same time on another channel. On Saturday Night the Royalty Show “Blauw Bloed” (Blue Blood) looks at the eyewear of European royalty. What do they wear and do they make the right choices? Monday features a new episode of Holland’s Next Top Model and a new eyewear trend movie at the website of the show with links to NLvision and to the Facebook page of the Independent Opticians. All in all quite amazing!

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