Dutch Independent Opticians launch fireworks protection campaign

december 4, 2012

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Earlier this year Dutch popular author and television personality Daphne Deckers, known from shows like Holland’s Next Top Model and daily talk show RTL Boulevard, called Dick van der Niet of Not Just Vision, to ask him if he could help her launching a campaign to protect eyes from fireworks damage at the end of the year. The result is a major campaign with former Bond-girl Daphne herself on posters at schools and in Independent Opticians stores as well as advertising in newspapers and lots of free publicity on television and online. Certainly worthwhile as every year about 30 Dutch eyes loose sight due to fireworks damage. Protection eyewear could help diminish this figure. The posters invite everyone to wear protection glasses and post a picture wearing it at the NLvision Facebook page in order to have a chance to win a pair of Italia Independent sunglasses. In addition everyone who joins the competition can be elected by Daphne to become her 2013 fireworks protection glasses model! As soon as the campaign was launched the first reports could be found online at the websites of The Telegraaf (by far the largest newspaper of the country) and Quote magazine. Much more publicity will follow. All posters and as much publicity as possible point out to www.NLvision.nl, the website of the Dutch Independent Opticians and to their Facebook page with the same name. Independent Opticians are encouraged to share all messages and contribute to the success of this campaign.

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