Dutch department store closes some branches

augustus 23, 2013

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The announced closing of 5 branches of the famous Dutch department store Bijenkorf, once again fuelled the discussion about retail in the future. The Bijenkorf decided to focus on the top segment of the market and wants to offer all its visitors in all its stores the same special retail experience. Many shops-in-the-shop, great brands, nice store, a lot of information and certainly the opportunity to drink a coffee or have lunch in one of the restaurants. The sales development in the main store in Amsterdam finally led to this decision. Since the opening of some luxury stores at the first floor and brand corners at several other floors as well as the renewal of the restaurants, sales increased significantly more as in all other branches. The company perfectly understands that in the near future there will be no room anymore for an average offer. People buy simple stuff on internet or at cheaper stores. This development once again shows the importance for all retailers, opticians as well, to make choices. Especially in larger cities, being average is not enough. There is however room for a limited amount of top opticians if they manage to distinct themselves with innovative concepts, special collections and a unique store experience. In the Netherlands we see the first signs of a development in that direction. Less collections, better presentations in shop-in-shop environments, distinctive eye care with the latest instruments and tools, the use of modern communication devices and, very important, well educated, trained and motivated (sales)people instead of only technically shaped opticians.

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