Discounts on contactlenses through Groupon

februari 10, 2011

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Groupon unites consumers who like to buy the same product and demands and gets discounts for those groups of people from manufacturers or stores. It publishes the possible deals on its website and as soon as enough people joined the deal is done. This specific offer of internet lens supplier Lensworld in the Netherlands wasn’t very successful. About four hours before the offer would stop, only 76 people joined. Of course Lensworld hopes to attract new buyers who stay and also buy without discounts later. These 76 however will probably be less reactions as hoped for. The Groupon website offers national and local discounts. It can also be interesting for optical stores to promote sunglasses or contactlenses. But be sure you have purchased enough of what you offer as sometimes reactions can be massive and delivery is of course part of the deal.

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