Discounts and special offers cause commotion

april 16, 2013

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Eyewear suppliers in the Netherlands face more and more situations in which “cowboys” use their brands for discounts and price promotions. When opticians are asked to sign contracts and have to order fixed amounts of frames and sunglasses, in return they should at least be assured that the brand is “protected”. Unfortunately, not only discounting chains break all the rules. Recently Dutch independent optician Van Daalen Optiek at Naaldwijk launched a promotion and gives 25 euro discount on the newest sunglasses collection including brands like Tom Ford, Chanel and TAG Heuer. Consumers get a voucher at the supermarket. These kind of guys should immediately lose their dealerships. Nowhere in the world I can buy a Chanel bag, a TAG Heuer watch or a Tom Ford suit with discount. When other industries are able to organize their business in a proper way, why can’t we in the optical business do the same? Or don’t we take it seriously? Van Daalen’s promotion is still on its website. We are curious to see what the (re)action of the brands is. If they agree with this kind of discount they will lose their credibility and can forget about contracts in the future.

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