DIOR Havane confirms the trend

augustus 9, 2010

Post image for DIOR Havane confirms the trend

This year I already wrote and talked a lot about the boyfriends trend. Young girls and women choose for sturdy, masculine sunglasses instead of elegant feminine styles. In these days where casual, jeans and streetwear dominate the scene, this is a logical evolution which suits many women. More and more brands understand this and deliver great styles. This time DIOR makes us happy with a subtle rectangle aviator shape which oversized design is emphasized by the rubber bar, contrasting front bridge and temples. The Dior logo is very small, another thing brands start to understand better and better. At the picture we see Charlize Theron wearing this new DIOR and showing how feminine and elegant a sturdy boyfriends sunglasses can be. Charlize by the way has chosen for the beige one with gold mirror lenses. Such lenses are just another trend I discussed and promoted a lot this year like last week on Dutch television in Shownews of SBS6. Both trends will continue and dominate the looks of the next sunglasses season. Be prepared and make sure you can offer them in your store.

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