CooperVision launches a new brand identity

mei 20, 2011

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CooperVision launches a new brand identity to better position the brand and its values in an ever changing environment.

“Thanks to our partnership with eyecare specialists 2010 was a perfect year for us” comments John Weber, CEO of CooperVision. “Due to acquisitions worldwide and a record growth in sales of our Biofinity and Avaira productlines we developed into a complete new company. CooperVision is not longer the same company as just a few years ago”.

“We are aware of the fact that no two eyes, neither two contactlens wearers or even two days are ever the same. That is why we changed our approach to the market and work closely together with all specialists to develop and produce new products which meet the demands of our partners. We listen to their needs in order to find innovative solutions”.

The new brand identity of CooperVision should also be considered a kind of performance code for all CooperVision employees worldwide. CooperVision promises contactlenses which fulfil the needs of its clients as well as fast, flexible and to the point services. The new visual identity distinguishes CooperVision from its competitors and points out to an ever changing world in which no two persons are the same.

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