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februari 3, 2011

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Thanks to internet the images of the Club BRILLANT show of last Sunday at the Amsterdam Fashion Week, spread all over the world and that is of course exactly how it is meant to be. Designer Margaret Maldonado flew to London after the show and had dinner with editors of Vogue which resulted in a nice article on and a link to the show in Amsterdam. In the interview Margaret tells that this was her first but certainly also her last show ever. Not because it wasn’t a great experience but because of all the stress around a major show like this. Cool however that this one and only L’Agence show took place at Amsterdam! She also explains this show had a very good and special reason; the first L’Agence sunglasses by Sama had to be launched. The coverage of the show on is of course fantastic but it is not the only review of the show you can find on internet. The web is filled with articles, blogs and comments. Just have a look at or at or at And on top of that all the adventures of Club BRILLANT can now be followed on its Facebook page. Click here to see how that looks like.

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