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juli 11, 2012

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Cazal forwarded us this touching In Memoriam and hommage to Cari Zalloni. We show it to you with deep respect to him!

On the Death of Cari Zalloni

1937 – 2012

Adieu Cari,

A long time ago your fellow countryman, the Greek philosopher Epictetus, wrote: Man is not so much worried by real problems as by his anxieties about real problems.

The news of your death leaves us speechless and immensely saddened.

But for all who knew you, you will always be alive. With everything that made you stand out and different from so many others: your unique thoughts, your fresh spirit and your unusual ideas. Your far-seeing inspiration, your pervasive joie de vivre, your infinite wealth of experience, your passion for music, your artistic streak and especially your warm-hearted nature.

The feet-first dive from the edge of the pool was never your way: you went straight up to
the 10-metre springboard, from which you showed everyone how to obtain the requisite respect. You were someone people thought capable of everything. Nobody could pigeonhole you in any way. You were everything at the same time: Greek, French, Austrian, Italian, American and German. You picked out the best from each nationality. You were a philosopher, connoisseur, lover of nature, king of design, expert on jazz, business personality and a master of fusion.

For fifty years you set the standards in your true passion: styling, product design
and art. You created furniture, styled glasses, designed skies and ski-boots, made snowboards popular, put your stamp on products and left us pictures with an unmistakable mark. You won countless awards for your works and helped recreate the world as we see it. Not satisfied with that, you gave a new face to eyewear through which we see the world. This is where you found your true calling. You were the first to create design objects of desire out of vision aids. You revived and re-interpreted material, function and form like no other, creating an international brand sold to this day under your name in more than 60 countries. Your fans include celebrities like Mikhail Gorbachev, Stevie Wonder, Brad Pitt, Usher, Gwen Stefani, Will Smith, Senta Berger,
to name but a few. Your unique success is a great legacy, and for us a responsibility and challenge in one. We will continue your work in your spirit and re-invent it continually.

Dear Cari,
The following is attributed to jazz legend Louis Armstrong: “A lotta cats copy the Mona Lisa, but people still line up to see the original.”

For all of us you were the original in every respect and will always be so with what you left behind for us. The many attempts to copy you will not change that in any way.

Your friends, colleagues and admirers at CAZAL opCouture.

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