Breathtaking final of the Dutch Eyescan Congress

november 27, 2012

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Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers was responsible for a really breathtaking final of a very successful Eyescan Congress. Everyone in the large room listened in utmost concentration and enjoyed his story to its full extend. The intensive preparations, the experiments, the experiences with the lack of gravity and of course the series of unforgettable pictures from the earth, all together formed an impressive journey through the last years and months of his adventure and a great final of two very interesting days. Those days begun with a lecture of marketing specialist and bestseller author Jos Burgers who teached the audience the finesses of “selling” in the humoristic way for which he is famous. From this first lecture until the end with Andre Kuipers, there was much to see and learn. Many discussions were held. Eyescan once again demonstrated to be a professional and reliable partner. Visitors were invited to see two live surgery’s with the latest innovative equipment. All the ins and outs of the developments in eyecare were discussed including the current and future role of the Dutch optometrists and the ways to earn money with optometry. The option of certification was one of the topics and all in all one thing became more clear as ever: to secure and strengthen the position of the independent opticians, the industry needs skilled and experienced professionals in every single part of the business. Professionals in store to face the challenges there. Professionals like Eyescan to develop the complicated eyecare part and professionals in communication and experience to present the many unique and innovative products in both the media and the stores and seduce the consumers. Services and products need to go together and strengthen each other. The active independent optician still has many opportunities but should focus on the challenges in his store and join professional organizations to support him. Carefully built networks, know-how and expertise of organizations like Eyescan in the eyecare field on one hand and for example Club BRILLANT in areas like product experience and communication on the other hand, can be integrated and used much more and much better. In cooperation with ambitious independent opticians with an eye for their clients as well as for the organization of their back office, they offer excellent chances for a bright and healthy future.

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