Attention for sunglasses in Dutch media

juni 11, 2012

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The weather is still not like it should be at this time of the year and unfortunately the forecasts for the next week are still not very good. Sun or no sun, we can’t do without a new pair of sunglasses and fortunately the Dutch media support the (independent) opticians seriously. Last Saturday major newspaper Telegraaf published a large article of two pages. Well-known optician Kees Saton explained once again all ins and outs of sunglasses. Italia Independent with the most desirable “orange” special of this sporty Summer, Jason Wu and Phillip Lim got lots of attention, Prada and Cutler and Gross were mentioned just like Cartier and Club BRILLANT. An article which should inspire independent opticians who like quality. The season is not yet over. With some creativity we can still sell a lot of sunglasses!

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