Another shocking promotion by Specsavers

juli 1, 2010

Last week Specsavers once again shocked the Dutch optical industry when a kind of modern sandwich man with an extra large frame entered another competing optical store. A tag-on at the frame showed an advertising text offering a free pair of prescription sunglasses when buying a pair of glasses at Specsavers. At the picture of the surveillance camera’s of the optician you can easily recognize the guy with his frame and advertising message. When we asked the local Specsavers store about this remarkable promotion they confirmed it. After just one year of suspension of Specsavers membership of branch union NUVO this aggressive promotion once again causes a lot of turbulence in the Dutch optical business. In the mean time the NUVO has been informed. We are curious about their reactions and the explanation of Specsavers which, only just a while ago, promised to confirm itself to all written and unwritten rules of decency in the branch.

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