Already great publicity thanks to NanaWoody&John

november 25, 2014

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The first stories about the new optical platform NanaWoody&John has been published online already. Metro News was the very first with the header “Everything about eyes at one site” and immediately started to tell its readers how many exciting things they don’t know but can experience at the optical store. The popular blog MyStyleToday followed and called NanaWoody&John a super innovative concept which they like very much. We cite: “Eyes are important and it is great that we finally have a hip platform where you can find all information and the latest trends in eyewear in a very easy way”. That is exactly why the site has been launched. It makes the optical branch more transparent and comes exactly at the right moment to counter an overkill of price and discount offers. NanaWoody&John loves storytelling and is always positive, creative and up-to-date. It wants to inspire and lower the threshold which is still way too high.

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