Time for something new

mei 3, 2013

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Accelerated by still challenging economic circumstances and a lack of consumer trust, the retail environment changes day by day and even faster as before. Down to earth price communication and creative ideas fight for attention. The new price/value segment, webshopping, stores closing their doors and the launch of bright new concepts are the dotcom of the day. In the optical business many people speak about all these things but few do something with it. We still trust in our traditional craftsmanship and alleged added value which are certainly not the only key factors for success these days. This time asks for creative entrepreneurship and inspiring communication and exactly these are two things in which opticians do not excel. Experience is the key word but how do you do it? Just be our guest on Monday June 17 at Amsterdam and join our Vision-Today Live session. This one is all about building stories and storytelling where it all should start. Come and listen to success stories, get inspired and the next day start creating your own “story”. It might be easier as you think and in many cases you already have all the ingredients you need. Check the banner at this website and be there!

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