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The Year 2014: Part 2

december 29, 2014
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This year the optical chains in the Netherlands spent 50 million euro on advertising. The main topics in all this communication are price and discounting. Even that much that newspapers paid attention to it and the Consumer Union decided to investigate whether all these offers are real and true or not. The conclusion was shocking […]

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Paris sparkles with fashion and eyewear

september 26, 2014
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The SILMO still is a great showcase for our industry. Especially now as the entire fashion world is in Paris for the Fashion Week and we are there as well to see and hear everything about all important developments concerning one of the most important fashion accessories today. Just like for our fashion colleagues the […]

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As we are talking about fairs..

augustus 29, 2014
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Almost three years ago some inspired Dutch entrepeneurs launched a renewed edition of the Dutch Sunglasses Fair. With 10 exhibitors they attracted a total of 134 visitors divided over three different locations. A second edition at only one location and with already 17 exhibitors took place last year. The amount of visitors doubled to 281. […]

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Fashion and trends

april 19, 2012
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How and where are trends born? We often get this question. Trends are created at the international catwalks where designers translate their sense of the “zeitgeist” into new styles and silhouettes. At the same time their ideas are widely and much faster as before spread by new media and international celebrities who adapt these trends […]

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