Surfing the WC Soccer wave

mei 14, 2014

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The competitions have been played, the champions are known and the international soccer world looks forward to the World Championship in Brazil. Food markets have launched their first s and our Dutch country starts to colour orange. In general opticians do not participate in these kind of opportunities to make themselves heard and seen. But for those who want, we have some options here. World Cup sponsor Adidas just launched a special and official 2014 FIFA WC Brazil edition of its kumacross style and the soccer crazy designers of Italia Independent came up with special editions of their best style with temples showing the skyline of Rio de Janeiro on a background of one of the flags of the participating countries. There is a Brazil edition, A German one, a Spanish one, a French one etc. etc.. Great way to make some “noise around the store” at social media. Order now and do it!

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