Specsavers launches MIRU contactlens with own name

oktober 22, 2013

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Specsavers introduces the Easyvision Magic daily disposable lens and informs the media about the advantages of this daily disposable which is ultrathin and smart packed avoiding mixing up inside-outside as well. For opticians and contactlens specialists this is rather “old” news as they supply the MIRU lenses with the same package for some time already. For the media however this could be rather new as we doubt they heard about this lens before. Contactlens manufacturers and independent opticians in general don’t pay that much attention to informing media and (potential) clients about news and innovations resulting in a great opportunity for Specsavers to launch this now as a major innovation. Nevertheless, available now at Specsavers: MIRU/Easyvision Magic daily disposables for only 19,50 euro (in the Netherlands) for 30 lenses.

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