Safilo makes money with Polaroid brand

mei 27, 2013

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Safilo and Essilor recently announced the signing of a license agreement. The next ten years Essilor will produce polarized ophthalmic lenses under the Polaroid brandname for general use in any other brand of eyewear. That means that in the near future opticians will be able to offer their clients a  pair of glasses with Polaroid lenses made and distributed by Essilor. Interesting development and smart business by Safilo which can use some extra income after the loss of the Armani license. In the first quarter of this year both sales and net profit of the Italian manufacturer grew slightly compared to the first quarter last year. But last year the Polaroid sales wasn’t included and this year it was. For the next years Safilo focuses on research and innovations. The company mentions the restyled Dior collection as a first example. A limited part of that collection has recently been made in small Japanese workshops and, accordingly to Safilo, sells pretty good in the stores now.

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