Oogappel shows how to do and not to do it

december 3, 2013

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The introduction of the first G-Star Eyewear collection at the Club BRILLANT Inspiration Day at Amsterdam, might be considered the launch of the year. In the meantime the first (sun)glasses have been delivered to the stores. Oogapppel at Amsterdam shows how to present such an important new collection and use its added value to the max. The complete shop window turned into a G-Star billboard, almost the whole collection is instore and inside you can’t miss G-Star either. This way you show that you pay full attention to your collection, purchase new brands with dedication and love to share it all with your clients. Rather different from all worthless additions landing on the shelves of the average optical store without any added value. In fact, we should see this kind of G-Star presentations everywhere now. The brand is worth it, the optician shows distinctive power and the client has the right to get informed. Strange enough, as a client, you cannot find any additional information about this new G-Star collection at the website or Facebook page of Oogappel proving once again that opticians don’t take their (online) communication serious. Something which we all need to improve. Great goal for 2014!

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