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maart 5, 2014

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Last weekend the international MIDO Fair took place in a rainy Milan. Despite the fact that more and more large companies like Luxottica invite their clients to come to other locations, the fair was interesting and inspiring. Hall 24 with all the trendy companies and the large Fashion square at Hall 13 in particular were very busy. The trend is still towards thinner rims, more metal and especially more colour although heavy and dark vintage-inspired styles were also easy to find. What struck me most was the growing amount of me-too companies and (sun)glasses which all try to be very trendsetting but in fact add little to none to the existing offer. Every branch needs real innovative products and those were rather hard to find at this fair. The focus is probably a bit too much on design and styling and not enough on materials and constructions. The wood trend has found it’s way and doesn’t excite like it did a few years ago and simple acetate (sun)glasses are easy to produce for each and everyone. Top retailers know to make the difference and realize themselves that only real distinctive products have added value. And it is this added value which we all need to extend our business to a next level!

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