Marcolin publishes record sales and profits

maart 24, 2011

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One after another major eyewear manufacturer releases very good results for 2010 compared to 2009. This time Marcolin published an increase in sales of 15,2% to €207,7 million and net profit of €18,6 compared to 7,1 million in 2009. Company debts decreased with €15,2 million to €8,6 million. Good results for Marcolin thanks to a recovering market in the United States and strong demand in the Middle East and Asia. Sales in Europe, including Italy, increased slightly but not as much as one might expect based on all the new brands the company recently launched. So, Marcolin as well, profits from the developments in new markets where the demand for fashion brands increases day by day. Europe doesn’t only suffer from a slow down in the economy, European opticians tend to choose more and more for designer brands and original eyewear manufacturers instead of for licence products of the fashion labels.

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