Golden “oldies” still going strong

mei 24, 2012

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An army of agents sells more or less trendy sunglasses and prescription frames to opticians but contributes nothing to the promotion of the products or the motivation and inspiration of the opticians and their employees. Respect for the “oldies” who really invest in the markets for so many years already. Friederichs celebrates its 115th birthday with a large party based on a popular Dutch concept with good music and entertainment. Polaroid celebrates 75 years of history with a party around a musical. Menrad Netherlands was founded 40 years ago and is still one of the leading companies in the country. It might be clear, the “old” and traditional companies invest in the market and support opticians with promotions and other activities. The new “trendy” brands just sell products and contribute nothing to the branch. Maybe they should join each other and create a budget to promote beautiful eyewear. Opticians would appreciate it!

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