First group graduates at Future4Opticians

april 11, 2013

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Initiated and supported by Essilor, the Future4Opticians project was launched in the Netherlands a while ago. The aim is to prepare young entrepeneurs for their future role and learn them more about the business aspects of an optical store. In general they are very well educated opticians but know few about strategies, market developments, stock management, how to improve profit and, for example, human resource management. Future4Opticians focuses on all of these topics. Group number two started already, this week the first group finished the course. For the occasion the members organized a small congress and presented some of the things they learned. It became an interesting afternoon with George Parker and his storytelling and magic as an inspiring guide. All participants received a certificate and a sculpture to always remember them of these lessons. For all them real life starts now. It is a challenge to implement all the new knowledge in their stores and develop them into the leading ones of the future. Vision-Today will keep an eye on it and keeps you posted.

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