Cooperation OpticTouch and Brandbook

juni 17, 2013

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OpticTouch is an innovative tool which allows opticians to show digital content in their stores in a new and spectacular way. In the meantime the system is up and running in the first Dutch stores and many others will follow. Multiple consumers can play at the same time with the content at large screens, view video’s and find more information about their favorite brands. Mostly recently the OpticTouch content is enriched by a cooperation with Not Just Vision and the connection with its new Brandbook. Clicking at the “news” button at the OpticTouch screen leads to daily news about brands selected by the optician himself and provided by the Brandbook. With a subscription to the Brandbook opticians can make the same content visible at iPads (in their stores), at their Facebook pages and at their own websites. This way the optician with a Brandbook subscription distinguishes himself in store and at (social) media with fresh and daily new information about brands they carry. Look for more information about OpticTouch at the website and for more information about Brandbook at the banner at this website.

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