Arnold Schmied passed away

februari 6, 2014

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Last Friday one of the legendary pioneers of the optical industry passed away. Arnold Schmied founded his company Silhouette, together with his wife Anneliese, in 1964. The mission was revolutionary for that time. Prescription frames should change from vision aids into fashion accessories. The born entrepreneur and visionary made it true and surprised with a number of styles which are today still considered real collector’s items. They are owned by museums and collector’s worldwide and featured in every book describing the history of eyewear. Arnold Schmied was ahead of his time and very successful. Today, Silhouette is still family-owned and one of the leading and most innovative eyewear companies worldwide. I personally had the privilege to work many years for Silhouette and still look back with great pleasure at those exciting years. With Arnold Schmied the industry lost one of its most inspiring mentors who had the courage to make his vision come true!

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