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oktober 15, 2014

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Customers who prefer to buy their glasses online get more and more options to choose from. Yesterday Oak&Eyes was launched. Spectacle wearers can buy acetate frames with a “woodlook” finish for the price of 95 euro including lenses. Without lenses you pay 75 euro. The site looks clean but adds little to the already existing options. Without further explanation it mentions the “best Dutch optometrists” leaving completely unclear what they could add to an online order with a receipt delivered by the customer. Different from for example Warby Parker and Ace & Tate the site doesn’t tell a story or addresses a clear defined target group. It’s all about the product which, of course, gets only the best qualifications. This site doesn’t built a brand, just tries to sell the product and the question is whether this is enough to become successful. We will see. Vision-Today keeps you posted.

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