Who attended the Club BRILLANT show last Sunday?

juli 22, 2011

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The Club BRILLANT show and the attending guests were this week worldwide fashion news. Even Vogue Italia paid attention to the show and linked to the website of the Dutch Club BRILLANT opticians. Nice publicity at the moment the group is expanding to other countries as well. On national level newspapers, television shows and of course websites and bloggers paid attention to it. The show was widely considered to be the best of this Fashion Week. Bloggers wrote Club BRILLANT drew more visitors as all other shows during the week together. That was a little bit too much honour but certainly this was the first show with more guests as the room could host. Despite people had to wait long before the show started, the vibe was perfect. Among the more as 1.000 guests, about 400 Club BRILLANT members and employees. Besides them guests of designer Dennis Diem, editors and stylists of all major magazines and quite some celebrities including Liza Sips, Daphne Deckers, Do, Mariana Verkerk, Regilio Tuur, Beertje van Beers, Stacey Rookhuizen, Victoria Koblenko, Kim Feenstra, Inge de Bruijn, Jort Kelder and Laura Verster. Fiat heir Lapo Elkann and America’s Next Top Model coach Miss J Alexander added an international touch. The many camera teams for RTL Boulevard, SBS Show News and Club BRILLANT itself as well as the teams shooting for a new series of Holland’s Next Top Model also contributed to a great atmosphere. Fashion is much more as just clothes and accessories. It’s an experience and a feeling and certainly everyone who attended this evening took some of this experience with him or her at home. And the show generated a lot of publicity which is of course also very important. Club BRILLANT once again showed Dutch opticians are alive and kicking and very much aware of the fact they sell real fashion besides the best eyecare.

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