TAG Heuer and LOGO continue their journey together

oktober 15, 2012

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At the SILMO in Paris rumors said TAG Heuer and LOGO would not continue their existing cooperation. Nothing is less true. However recently TAG Heuer used its influence to support the restructuring of the management of the French eyewear manufacturer. Now both companies are ready for a next step in their successful cooperation. In the last ten years TAG Heuer Eyewear has become a worldwide success story and at this time sales in eyewear comes close to the volumes the company realizes in watches. Quite an extraordinary performance which is certainly partly due to the involvement of the different business partners worldwide. The Dutch company Sport Vision of Theo Kleiweg is one of them. After all reorganizations all is ready now for the next ten years. Recently LOGO signed a contract with the Ayrton Senna Foundation. This Foundation, named after the legendary Formula 1 driver who died in a race accident far too young, helps young Brazilian street kids to get a normal life with food, a house and education. TAG Heuer and the Ayrton Senna Foundation will work together and both Foundation and brand will profit from it. At the same time as LOGO and TAG Heuer renewed their license agreement, Dutch Sport Vision renewed its contracts for eyewear with LOGO and for watches and mobile phones with TAG Heuer itself. Sport Vision as well is ready for the future extending its position as a leading supplier in the Netherlands. It is nice to see this kind of success stories in the optical industry. TAG Heuer and Sport Vision once again prove how important focus and a clear strategy are. In fact these are the key factors for success for every company, opticians included!

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