Shares Safilo stabilize

november 24, 2011

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Last weeks the Safilo shares suffered first from the uncertainty in relation to the possible loss of the Armani license and later of the actual loss of it. In one month the shares lost more as 30% of their value and even 60% in the last six months. However the company has a solid main shareholder with Dutch HAL which recently showed its interest to invest in Safilo by financing the acquisition of Polaroid. So despite the all-time low shares, now worth only 4,58 euro, Safilo seems to have no problems. The uncertainty with regards to Armani has come to an end and with new licenses like the recent Celine one and new own brands like Polaroid it’s time to work on the future. Luxottica hasn’t profit yet from the announcement of the return of Armani. The company lost about 7% of its value in the last week. Marcolin stabilized after the publication of its quarterly results but also lost more as 30% in the last six months. Actually none of the major companies were able to increase their shareholders value in this period. Even a stable giant as Essilor lost 7% of its value in the last six months.

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