Safilo returns to profit

maart 9, 2012

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In the year 2011 Safilo booked a net profit of almost 28 million euro. This is quite an increase compared to the less than 1 million euro profit in 2010. Sales increased with 2% to 1.101,9 million. The wholesale division remains the most important activity of the company and realized sales of more as 1 billion euro. The 151 Solstice stores reported sales of 72,6 million euro which is slightly more as 500.000 euro per store. Different from what we often believe in the Netherlands, sunglasses are the most important product. Sales in sunglasses in 2011 totaled 608 million euro compared to “only” 412 million for prescription frames. Geographically the Americas remained ahead of Europe and continued to be Safilo’s most important market. Asia shows significant growth but still counts for only 17% of the business.

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