Ray-Ban campaign in the Netherlands

mei 24, 2011

Post image for Ray-Ban campaign in the Netherlands

Ray-Ban certainly is the most important brand of Luxottica which continues to invest worldwide to increase the popularity of its moneymaker. The company currently runs a major campaign in the Netherlands. No word about the lenses anymore although they are mainly responsible for the successes of today. Now the campaigns targets on Ray-Ban as the coolest brand on earth. For that reason it sponsored one of the main stages in Amsterdam on Queensday and will be present again at the Valtifest later this year. People can win tickets for this festival by joining the “Naughty or Nice” campaign in which they themselves can become part of the Ray-Ban promotion which currently runs in busshelters, on MTV, in the best clubs and on free Boomerang cards. The Dutch can’t escape Ray-Ban this Summer and as a result the demand for the brand in the stores is increasing all the time.

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