Opticians and brands cooperate in Club BRILLANT

december 18, 2012

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A few nice brands are needed and will be added in the weeks ahead and opticians with beautiful stores, a balanced collection with fashion and designer brands and the ambition to be the best, are also still welcome but already now Club BRILLANT is an interesting cooperation between great brands and top stores which want to distinguish from the average. Last week Cartier, Silhouette and Michael Kors have been added to the “favorite” brands, others will follow soon. At the website www.club-brillant.com the visitor will find lots of news, all Club BRILLANT stores and the Club BRILLANT opticians who sell the favorite brands. Advertisements this month in magazines such as Esquire, Jackie, JFK, LXRY and the LXRY List support the group. Next year’s campaign consists not only of print advertising but will feature a lot of online activities as well. In the mean time Club BRILLANT opticians use the campaign in their stores to link to the advertisement. At Van Gestel Optiek at Hilversum, four colorful posters dominate the shop windows and draw attention.

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