New flagship collection for Menrad

oktober 7, 2014

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At the Dutch Sunglasses Fair Menrad will present the complete new collection of the famous REVO brand. This collection has recently been restyled and revitalized and is now better and more diverse as ever. The new collection combines the well-known superior lens technology and coatings developed by NASA with a range of vintage, classic and sporty designs. Every single frame can be delivered with one of the 5 available polarised lens types such as Blue Water, Green Water, Terra, Graphite and Open Road. The lenses are made of Serilium or Crystal and guarantee a high level of protection as well as “high performance” vision. All in all this is a technical product packed in a modern and attractive way. The collection was first launched at the recent SILMO in Paris and got great reviews. Menrad expects a lot of this collection and will present it at the Dutch Sunglasses Fair in a separate booth dedicated to this brand only.

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