More information for employees and clients with the “brandbook”

maart 22, 2013

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The new “brandbook” of Not Just Vision brings the daily optical news much closer. Every optician can make an own selection from all available brands. Not Just Vision takes care of daily updates on an iPad app. This iPad can be installed everywhere in store and allows clients to surf through the news while they are waiting. Employees can easily show the latest news to clients. All selected newsitems can already be pushed to the optician’s Facebook page and the company’s website. Not Just Vision works on a tool to make it all visible at large touchscreens as well. In short; Not Just Vision creates daily content. Opticians subscribe to the tool, choose their own brands to show and don’t have to worry anymore about the actual content at their website, Facebook page and range of devices in store. This way, everyone can use all new media and all instore “on screen” options in the most efficient way.

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