Marchon purchases Scandinavian Eyewear

oktober 4, 2012

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Yesterday Marchon announced the acquisition of Swedish eyewear manufacturer Scandinavian Eyewear. This company was founded in 1948 and carries SKAGA as its most known and most important brand with a major marketshare in the Scandinavian countries. This acquisition is particularly interesting because Marchon, as the first major eyewear supplier, seems to choose a different way for its expansion. Until now all major companies hunted for the licenses of the leading fashion brands,but now Marchon acquires a typical eyewear brand with some licensed products. The acquisition seems to be a reaction on the increasing marketshare of designer brands and will certainly be followed by other acquisitions in the future. Especially independent opticians prefer to sell more and more designer brands and this trend seems to be irreversible. Marchon proves to have a good feeling and understanding of the developments in the market and will soon be the first major supplier able to offer an interesting productmix of fashion brands and designer labels.

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