Italia Independent goes international

oktober 6, 2014

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Not surprisingly the success of Italia Independent started in Italy where, supported by the popularity of Lapo Elkann, the company became a major player in a minimum of time. The last years the focus changed to expansion to other countries. Today the brand can be bought worldwide and the company has own subsidiaries in Germany, France, Spain and the United States of America. It recently opened a store in Paris followed later this year with openings of flagship stores in New York and Los Angeles. With a quotation at the Milan Stock Exchange the company is obliged to publish its half year results. In the first half of 2014 sales increased with 42,5% to 18,5 million euro. Almost half of it was realized outside Italy. Net profit totalled 898 thousand euro taking in account that the rapid expansion in distribution and retail costs a lot of money. The company is still very ambitious and expects to grow even faster in the years ahead.

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