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mei 14, 2013

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It is only six years ago that three friends decided to found Italia Independent. In this short time, Lapo Elkann, Giovanni Accongiagioco and Andrea Tessitore, have seen their baby grow up and become the favourite of many people worldwide. Italia Independent is much more as just an eyewear brand. The three friends made their dream come true and give the traditional “made in Italy” mark a complete new vibe and meaning. At the new website of the brand you can find it all. Like the history from the first launch during the Pitti Uomo until the opening of already the 8th flagshipstore recently at Montenegro. Next to the 8 flagshipstores the brand has about 30 dedicated shops in shops already. Next week the first pop-up store will open in the Netherlands, soon to be followed by a permanent shop-in-shop. Italia Independent is a brand with a vision and a mission. The daring collections with lots of innovations, the cooperations with many other brands, all celebrities wearing Italia Independent (including Karl Lagerfeld who once again showed up with his I.I. velvet at his show in Singapore), all unique collections for special occasions and hot spots like clubs at Ibiza, cool hotels and bars all over the world but also for Juventus and much much more. In the Netherlands we had an amazing show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week and recently Lapo was honoured as a style icon with a lifetime Award of Esquire magazine and a major interview in the latest edition. And this is all only the beginning. Italia Independent is a brand to love and one that invests in its brand awareness and imago. Something only few brands in the optical industry do. Every (top) optician can use a brand like Italia Independent to profile and distinguish itself from the competition. Making the difference….(and not only by claiming added value due to a better service and quality)…that is the key topic of the next years…

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