Dutch NUVO looks forward

juni 10, 2013

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How will the optical branch look like within about ten years and how will (technological) innovations influence the developments? This question or at least part of it, has been answered recently by Dutch Opticians Union NUVO at two interesting evenings. From 3D technology and the option of an eye brace (indeed, just like a dental brace) to the research of major pharmaceutical companies looking for medicines to cure myopia and hyperopia, everything was discussed and explained by innovation specialist Tom Verheijen. Don’t think all this is far away and future talk. Most of these innovations are already reality but need to be developed for mass production and use. The evenings were very interesting and inspiring and an eye-opener for many of the attending opticians. Within some years or decades the optical branch as well will look different from now. The earning model of many products and services will change radically like it already did in for example in the music industry due to massive downloads. Knowing it and keeping an eye on all these developments instead of ignoring them will give smart people in the industry new opportunities in the near future. Vision-Today keeps you posted!

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