Almost 20% sales increase for Luxottica in third quarter

oktober 27, 2010

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Luxottica closed the third quarter of this year with a sales increase of 19,7% compared to the same period of last year. Favourable current exchange rates helped the company to achieve this result but even without this advantage the increase would still have been 8,6%. Sales in the third quarter totalled almost 1,5 billion euro. More as 500 million of it came from the wholesale division. Almost 950 million were generated by the own stores. All in all it looks as if the world’s largest optical company has recovered from the less good years behind and shows good results almost everywhere in the world. Remarkable is the growth in sales of the premium and luxury brands which suffered most from the less good economical circumstances. This seems to be in line with the trend. Top brands like Hermes and Louis Vuitton have to temper their current sales and limit opening hours of their stores in order to avoid that they will be sold out before Christmas and have to disappoint a lot of Christmas shoppers.

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