To blog or not to blog …

februari 28, 2014

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Print is out and bloggers are in. While printed magazines have major problems to stay alive and interest enough readers, millions of (young) people follow the adventures of quite a serious amount of bloggers. It is easy, for free and you stay updated about, for example, the latest fashion news. The most important bloggers are no longer innocent boys or girls posting some updates online but the faces of well-organized companies which pamper their followers. Last weekend at Milan I met Chiara Ferragni at a Sama Eyewear press event. Chiara Ferragni has 1,9 million followers at Instagram and 650.000 Facebook friends. Millions of people visit her website “theblondesalad” every month. About 10 people work fulltime for her company, providing content and dealing with companies about commercial deals. These companies, including the best known fashion brands, collaborate with these top bloggers in order to create publicity. Quite interesting as bloggers are everywhere, certainly also in your country or even city. You just have to find them as the question is already answered … to blog or not to blog? You better blog!

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