Sustainability is “hot topic”

maart 19, 2013

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When the most important Dutch fashion glossy, ELLE magazine, decides to pay attention to it and when this attention in fact means a large article about the “conscious” collection of H&M, it should be clear to everyone that sustainability is a major topic today. H&M, just like many other brands and companies, pays a lot of attention to it and developed a large “conscious” collection and a dedicated “conscious” campaign with Vanessa Paradis. This campaign makes clear what many people already know: eco and sustainability today are no longer dull but real cool. Consumers can even bring their old clothes back to H&M and get extra discounts in return. Fortunately opticians can offer their clients sustainable eyewear as well and worldwide this starts to become a real success. The New-York based company MODO launched its ECO collection already a few years ago. At the brand’s website you can see that since then more as 1 million prescription frames and sunglasses have been sold. This doesn’t just mean the sales of 1 million pieces of eyewear from recycled material and without using precious raw materials, but as well the planting of more as 1 million trees and a considerable contribution of MODO to the 1% for the planet initiative. It is not for nothing the brand’s slogan is: Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good. More and more opticians worldwide start to recognize the added value of this collection with cool and trendy eyewear made for 95% of recycled materials.

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